A selection of targeted pre-conference seminars for those with a bigger appetite for implementation science and practice

All pre-conference seminars will take place between 1 and 4 pm on May, 28, 2018. Choose among introductory and advanced sessions and enjoy an in-depth exchange with like minded implementers.

  1. There is nothing as practical as a good theory – Implementation Theory in Practice. Brought to you by the Linköping University Implementation Group.
  2. The Application of Murphy’s law in Implementation  … If Anything Can Go Wrong – It Will! – Learning from Implementation Failure. Brought to you by the European Implementation Collaborative.
  3. Making an Impact: Using integrated knowledge translation to build Knowledge Translation plans. Brought to you by the IKT Research Network, Canada
  4. Implementation 101 for practitioners. Brought to you by the Danish Implementation Network – DIN

To register for one of the pre-conference seminars, please follow this link.

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